Snapchat trophies

Snapchat Score Trophies

👶 Your Snapchat score hit 100. 🌟 Your score hit 500. Your score hit 1,000. 💫 Your score hit 10,000. 💥 Your score hit 50,000. 🚀 Your score hit 100,000. 👻 Your score hit 500,000.

Video Trophies

📼 Send a video snap. 🎥 Send 50 video snaps. 📹 Send 500 video snaps. 🙉 Send a video snap without sound. 🔂 Flip the camera once in a video snap. 🔁 Flip the camera five times in a video snap. 🔄 Flip the camera ten times in a video snap.

'Draw On Your Snaps' Trophies

🍭 Send a snap using five or more pen colors. 🌈 Send 10 snaps using five or more pen colors. 🎨 Send 50 snaps using five or more pen colors.

Other Trophies

🔦 Send 10 snaps with your front-facing flash on. 🌜 Send 50 snaps in night mode. 👹 Send 1,000 selfies. 🔍 Send 10 photo snaps entirely zoomed in. 🔬 Send 10 video snaps using zoom. 🔠 Send 100 snaps with enlarged text font. 🍳 Send a snap between 4 and 5 a.m. 📠 Scan 5 snapcodes. 😎 Paired Spectacles!

Memories Trophies

🌎 Your Snap was posted on a Live Story. 🔗 Linked your Bitmoji to Snapchat. 🔵 Created a Story in Memories. Sent a Story from Memories. 💽 Saved a Story to Memories. 👀 Set up My Eyes Only in Memories. 🕵 Searched for a Snap in Memories.

Live/Local Story Trophies

📻 Submit a snap to your Live/Local Story. 🎬 Submit 10 snaps to your Live/Local story.

Settings Trophies

📧 Verify your email address in Settings. ☎️ Verify your phone number in Settings. ♌️ Set up your date of birth in Settings.

Filter Trophies

👆 Send a snap with a filter applied. ✌️ Send a snap with two filters applied. 🐼 Send 50 snaps using the black and white filter. ❄️ Send a snap with the temperature filter showing it's below freezing. 🌞 Send a snap with the filter showing it's above 100°F (38°C).

Screenshot Trophies

😈 Screenshot one snap. 👿 Screenshot 10 snaps. 👺 Screenshot 50 snaps.